About us

"Just Get Comfortable Out Of Your Comfort Zone."

Our Long Story Short

Moving to a new city or getting comfortable in a new city is a very hectic task for the students as well as for their parents and a huge problem for the company employees. We noticed various problem on the current system that

  • Before the 2-3 month of shifting to a new place, most people had questions especially related to accommodation and food/mess facilities.
  • The way people find these services is by mere reference of each other and as a result, when they start using those services, they find many flaws in the service and change their service every 2-3 month.
But, if they had every knowledge like its quality, prices and much more about that service before, they might not have chosen that service.

So we decided, Why not provide everyone the power to gain that knowledge so they can compare various services on their own and hence after working upon this idea we finally launched our web-based service startup PLACEEFY- Places Electronically Available For You.

Placeefy quality feautures

We are trying our best to serve the nation with our full dedication.

+ 30 Tiffin Service Providers

We have covered almost complete Nagpur City, and partnerend with more than 100's of tiffin service provider. So that you won't feel alone in the city.

+50 Food Menu

We have variety of tiffin service providers, some are caterers and some are home cook specialist. Hence, you will enjoy whatever you eat through us.

Delivery Free

We look for our customers and hence We do not charge a single penny for delivery of tiffin to your location. Our Service providers are very fast in their delivery of tiffins.

Compare support

Now you can quickly compare among different tiffin services and can jump to the exact tiffin service provider you want at your location. Search among all | Leave the rest | Choose the best.

Cash payment

We belive that among all the transaction mechanism, cash payment is the best way to easily and quickly pay for the bill. Hence, While we support paytm, google pay etc. We also accpet cash on delivery.

No Quality compromised

For the people who come from outside cities. Quality food is the main parameter for them to remain healthy, energetic and happy. Hence, Our tiffin providers are providing quality healthy meals.

"Placeefy at its best"

Approach: By using the brain and butter behind the technology, and the dedication of our team we will make everything as much easier as possible to bring there comfortable living on digital platform with placeefy.